The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2009 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Media Online Campaign, Best Of Show Online Campaign

We are highlighting some of our favorite features from the WALL-E online campaign. Myspace Takeover: This takeover is not just beautiful in its full-page execution, but it is also loaded with features. We featured four videos front and center ranging from a trailer to an entire scene from the movie. The characters are also extremely important and we featured them in two ways. The first is a section called “Meet the Bots” where viewers are introduced to twelve of the new characters in the film. The second is called “Interact with WALL-E” and allows users to toggle between five fun clips of the film’s star. Myspace Profile: This page contained all features listed above plus more content. It also acted as a portal page, allowing users to interact with a widget, visit the official site, and participate in games and activities. Note: Unfortunately, some of the videos no longer work as Disney has taken them down in order to make room for home video content. Treasure Hunter Game: Although this game is simple in concept and gameplay, it is far from simple in its execution. We decided to use Papervision, a new plug-in for Flash that allows for the manipulation of 3D objects. Even though this technology is being used to create small items such as navigations in rich ads, it was virtually untested for a game of this magnitude. With a little trial and error, we were able to create a truly unique online 3D experience for “WALL-E”.


Executive Creative Director: Rex Cook
Associate Creative Director: Laura Primack
Producer: Joshua Golsen
3D Modeler: Paul Berry
Designer: Donna Arrogante
Designer: Kyle Whitacre
Developer: Christian Widodo
Developer: James Safechuck


Location: USA