The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2018 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Advertising Online Campaign, Best Retail Online Campaign

Red Wing Shoes teamed up with Watson Advertising in September 2017 with the goal of driving an increase in store visits. They were interested in leveraging the connection between weather and shopping behavior to drive awareness of their work boots on The Weather Channel digital properties and across their entire media campaign. Red Wing’s work boots are designed for workers in rigorous industries such as construction, manufacturing, mining, logging, and farming.

To reach customers when weather conditions were likely to cause product sales, WEATHERfx triggers were created via a custom data analysis across Red Wing’s work boots line. WEATHERfx is a real-time, event-based targeting solution that enables brands to leverage the powerful connection between weather and emotion to deliver messaging that can drive consumer action.

In addition, a JOURNEYfx portrait was created based on consumers’ real-world behaviors to target consumers when and where it counts. JOURNEYfx is a location-derived audience targeting solution that uses one of the world’s largest continuous streams of first-party location data to reach relevant audiences.

These data targeting solutions were applied to media across devices and throughout the campaign, including digital out-of-home. In addition, store locator adaptors (which displayed the closest store location) were created to reach relevant users in a leading, brand-safe environment.

By leveraging this combination of media and data solutions, Red Wing Shoes saw a 41.4% lift in store visits versus a non-exposed control group, 360% above industry benchmark. Most importantly this equated to incremental consumer visitors to their stores across the country.


IBM Watson Advertising - Account Team: Sean Kearney, Becky Hall, Corrie Overby, Dan Reordon, James Stanley
IBM Watson Advertising - Ad Ops: Kevin Smith, Todd May, Vivian Liang, Anna Huang, Ethan Osterhout
IBM Watson Advertising - Ad Tech & Partner Solutions: Therran Oliphant, Josh Qualy, Greg Carr
IBM Watson Advertising - Creative Team: Will Spann, Tricia Izzard
IBM Watson Advertising - Yield: Katie Lanesey
IBM Watson Advertising - Ad Product: Sara Lukralle
IBM Watson Advertising - Partner Management: Amy Altenbach
IBM Watson Advertising - Legal: Mike Mattox
Red Wing Shoes - Marketing: Dave Schneider, Joe Germscheid, Jeff Harvey
Red Wing Shoes - Design: Kim Lansing


Location: USA

About the Agency:

IBM Watson Advertising, formerly The Weather Company's ad sales organization, is an ecosystem of media, data, and AI-powered technology solutions designed to help advertisers save time, money and enable them to build stronger, more profitable connections with their customers. To learn more, visit