The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2018 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Advertising Online Video

Gaming audio is a crowded space, and to break through the noise, Corsair would have to make their boldest statement to date.

We knew that reciting specs to savvy consumers would never connect. To reach this group we would need to inspire them, and play to their aspirations. We wanted to stoke a fire under the emerging pride in eSports and create an ownable space for Corsair.

We created a rallying cry for gamers everywhere that went beyond what gear we choose, and told the story of why we play. The piece centers on a gamer transcending the noise of his everyday life and embracing that electric, heart-pounding moment every world-class athlete feels right before they step into an arena.

We created an ownable space in the world of eSports for Corsair, and established them as the only gaming hardware brand that understands how it actually feels to be a competitive gamer.


Sr. Director Corporate Marketing, CORSAIR International: Colin Brix
Digital Project Manager, CORSAIR: Jennifer Gonzalez
Executive Creative Director: Patrick Runco
Creative Director: Julie Crow
UX/UI Designer/Sr. Art Director: Evan Corrigan
Developer: Jeremy Tani
Copywriter: Sarah Westerfield
Photographer : Justin Pham


Location: United States